– About this blog:

My thoughts about software development with and without Agile, QA and random things…

– About me:

Thiago is learning to develop software since 2003, when he wrote your first program in Pascal. With 6+ years of experience in IT industry, he has worked as: Computer Technician, Computer Network Technician, Volunteer IT & Computing Teacher, Researcher of Scientific Initiation, Programmer/Software Developer, Test Automation Specialist/Quality Assurance, Systems and Business Analyst, Project Manager and Process Analyst (CMMI).

He is Bachelor of Computer Science, Certified MPS.BR (Brazilian Process Improvement Model, CMMI compatible) Implementation Consultant, Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) for the Java 1.6 and Computer Network Technician and has heavy experience (5+ years) with Java and J2EE systems.

He is an assumed geek that loves to learn and to read almost everything that finds in his path, from books about new programming languages or techniques to books about behavioral psychology.
He likes to hunt and, of course, fix bugs, every kind of “bug”, such as find new solutions for old challenges and help to create products that matter. He is very boring about details and some members of his previous teams hated him because of that.

And, believe it or not, he is Agile and CMMI enthusiast. And, he is obsessed with Automated Testing! \m/

Now, he is Senior Quality Assurance Consultant at ThoughtWorks Brazil.

– More about me:

** Last year, I and some friends created a coding dojo group in my city called #DojoTuba. There is a blog where we have written some sessions reports: (in PT only, sorry.)

** If you would like know more about me and my experiences, there is a presentation on prezi that I did on year ago for initial classes of SENAI’s computer programming course: (in PT only, sorry again.)

– Contact information:

Twitter: @thiagoghisi

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